aboutRon is a rock fan and amateur rock musician who lives in Chicago. By day he works as a call center manager, and at night he rocks out either on his own or with his band, the Grody Floaters. Ron dreams of being a rock-star bassist and practices intensely when he has the time. He has a deep knowledge of rock music history and goes to popular concerts with his girlfriend Alice as one of his favorite pastimes.

Ron’s family is from Darby, Pennsylvania, where he grew up before going to college in Illinois at age 20. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Environmental Studies, Ron moved to central Chicago and instantly got involved in the rock scene. He met his future bandmates Henry and Aaron and formed the Grody Floaters, who hope to make it big some day.

Ron began his career in Chicago as a salesperson, then moved on to his current job as a call center manager after more than a year of hard work. He continues to strive for success both in his career and in his music.