hansenKelly Hansen is the present well known American singer who sings collective interesting rock songs. He began his career as an individual studio singer and producer where he attained his fame and had a very big crowd following his work and performance. He later formed a hurricane band with different musicians in the year 1984. He has done joined music with many singers after which he joined Foreigner band to start his career as a soloist. He is a recording artist and a very good stage performer. He makes his rock music interesting by combining incredible vocals and blast classic rocks that make fans to want more and more to be produced.

Hansen’s career life

He was born the month of April in 1961 in Hawthorne CA. He says that Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye and other R and B singers are his influencers. In his teenage stage he managed to tour So Call high schools and several parks that attracted crowds with his vigorous and sexy stage existence and a voice that could not be compared to any other singer. His stage movements of kick- ass in the album of take what you want in 1984 made him tour more places like Canada, U.S, and Japan. In 1980s hurricane produced three decisively acclaimed albums that included over the edge which racked up more than twenty MTV videos followed by I’m on to you.


Kelly majorly prepared music with a number of other gifted artists in the year 1990. He was later featured in unruly child in 1999 in the album of waiting for the sun. In the same year he trained and lent out his talent to the friend smith in heaven and earth. In 2000 he was also featured in Tim Donahue’s into the light later on in the year he combined a poison guitarist CC Deville and liane Foly French torch singer. He has also performed on the myriad of projects with genuine who’s in the production. Having a lot of experience in this industry Kelly is a confident and an outstanding person in any musical situation. He has become a crowd moving person and this has contributed to his popularity.

In the year 2005 the Hansen met with Mick Jones through the unexpected rock union who had the intention of changing the Foreigner. After their detailed discussion and several meetings they Kelly Hansen was asked to join the foreigner where his talent explored the whole world.



Hansen’s vocals have been believed to be the best of the rock songs in Europe and extensive parts of America. His remarkable styles and movements on the stage are still clear in peoples mind and has put foreigner at a very high level. The band is attracting a big crowd and therefore involving hardcore fans in the course. Each and every step they take in their music production it reveals the best talents of Kelly Hansen who was and is the source of the most interesting rock songs.