Pop music can also be sweet and romantic! ‘I don’t want to live without you is an emotional love song by the rock-pop band, Foreigner. This song was part of the band’s 1987 album, ‘inside information’. The song managed to get to position 5 on the May 1988 Billboard Hot 100 chart and became top on Billboard adult contemporary chart.

‘I want you now and forever close to me… hoping that you will promise me to be mine and never go away…I know I have reached the right destination and I know it is real… I don’t want to live without you…’ these are just some of the sweet highlights of this romantic song. The lyrics depict a man who is in love pouring out his heart to the love of his life. It is so sweet when he says that he has finally reached his destination and he cannot imagine living without her. These sweet and romantic lyrics make this song perfect for a wedding or any other romantic event.

The instrumentals used in this song are the chords, which are of the lowest difficulty level. This makes it possible for anyone, even beginners to learn it fast. The video was weird though. Bearing in mind the sweet and romantic lyrics, we expect a video that will match up the level of romance in a way.


However, the fans were disappointed only to get a video with animals moving about in the background. But I think this did give the fans something to make fan of the Foreigners for a while. The audio, however, was positively received with the song hitting up top positions in Billboard charts as earlier stated.

For the lovers of pop music, I believe that this song will soon be added to your playlist. It is a beautiful song whose lyrics and message are just awesome.