hurricaneHurricane is an old rock band that started in 1984. The band has done many tours and authored many songs. This band originated from Los Angeles, and names Robert Sarz and Tony Cavazo as the initial members.

However, it is DuBrow who proposed that they come together as a band. Subsequently, they hired Jay Schellen as a drummer and Kelly Hansen as a singer to boost the band.
History has it that it is the album, “Take What You Want” released in 1985, which made Hurricane popular. After the album, the band did a number of tours and made a deal with Enigma Records. It is under this deal that they released their most successful album, “Over The Edge” in 1988. The album made it to the top 100 chart. Besides the album, there was also a single “Over the Edge” track among the songs.

In 1990, Hurricane released “Slave to the Thrill”. In addition, in 2014, the band comprised of Guitarist Robert Sarzo, Bass Guitarist Tony Cavazo, Lead Vocalist Jason Ames, and Drummer Mike Hansen.

Individually, Robert Sarzo, the VuDu Man, is well known as the Cuban-American guitarist. He has been at it for 40 years and has interacted with prominent people in the industry. He has worked with Universal Record and other renowned metal producers. He was particularly active in Hurricane from 1985 to 1989, before restructuring it in 2007.

The Bass Guitarist was Tony Cavazo. Tony was active in LA from 1976 to 1981. He performed with Kevin Dubrow before joining the Hurricane in 1984. He was also active in the tours and during the production of the three albums by the band.

Furthermore, Jason Ames Saunders was a lead vocalist for Hurricane. He originally came from Colorado but grew-up in Seattle. Jason featured in the band Alice In Chains before founding the Voodoo Roosters group. Voodoo Roosters then had a deal with Full Scale Productions from 1998. He later did several tours as a member of Hurricane in 2014.

Drummer Mike Hansen has worked with George Lynch and Paula Abdul. He has also recorded with other famed rock producers such as Simon Phillips, Bob Ezrin and Eddie Kramer.